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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?

Driving around in winter can exert a tremendous amount on strain on your vehicle. From the slick road surfaces to the cold weather, winter can easily damage your car’s essential components and render it useless.

That’s why a winter check Nottingham is vital for every car owner in the neighbourhood. We, TreadMark Wheels and Tyres, have brought our signature service in your neighbourhood.

Our team of expert technicians will go through all the intricate systems of your vehicle, ensuring they are in their best condition, offering maximum safety during your daily commute. During the inspection, we take extra care of components that are more prone to malfunction in colder temperature to ensure you do not face an unpleasant breakdown.

Components inspected during a winter check

During a winter check Nottingham, some of the most critical parts that we go through includes –

    • Batteries – Batteries lose their output during colder weather. During a winter check, we measure the total yield as well as the overall condition of the cell to ensure you don’t get bogged down while driving.
    • Brakes – Ice or snow-covered roads can significantly increase your car’s braking distance. A functioning braking system becomes necessary to ensure you avoid any unfortunate incident during your daily commute.
    • Shock absorbers
    • Tyres and wheels – We also take extra care of your car’s tyres and wheels during a winter check Nottingham. Experts recommend using winter tyres whenever the temperature drops below 4°C. These don’t harden even during harshesht cold, making them ideal for traversing snow or ice covered roads.
    • Air filter.
    • Lights and warning indicators – Warning indicators should be at their best condition as visibility can drop significantly during winter months. We check all the lights and indicators to ensure they are working correctly.
    • Engine oil – High viscosity engine oil runs the risk of freezing at such low temperatures. During a winter check Nottingham, we will check the oil’s grade and inform you about the necessary action if any change is required.
    • Windshield wipers and windscreen – To ensure you get an unobstructed view of the road even in the worst weather.
    • Safety equipment.

Don't take it for granted

It is necessary that you bring your vehicle to TreadMark Wheels and Tyres before the onset of winters to ensure you get a trouble free ride. You can also reach us over the phone to know more.