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Among the world's largest manufacturer of tyres, Bridgestone is a name to reckon with. From building the best quality tyres for F1 circuit to engineering world-class tyres for passenger cars and SUVs – Bridgestone is a name to reckon.

At TreadMark Wheels & Tyres, we provide the best of Bridgestone car tyresNottingham that do not compromise on riding comfort.

We've handpicked the best ones for you –

  • Turanza EL400-02

With Turanza EL400-02, you can sit back and relax as you enjoy a perfect combination of comfort, safety and durability. Due to the optimised carcass shape, this Bridgestone tyre will deliver improved handling, noise reduction and better fuel efficiency throughout the year.

Among other variety of Bridgestone car tyres Nottingham, the Turanza EL400-02 sports a new tread compound construction with wide grooves. This unique feature assists in braking confidently under wet conditions. Moreover, the longitudinal and lateral shoulder blocks offer excelling handling while you’re behind the wheel.

The Turanza EL400-02 uses Bridgestone’s innovative Nano-Pro technology for enhanced rolling resistance balance. The tyre’s flat contact profile is engineered to minimise friction and deliver more life expectancy not to mention, a better fuel efficiency.

  • Ecopia EP20

Hailed as one of the most energy-efficient Bridgestone car tyres Nottingham, it causes less harm to the environment without any compromise on the safety and driving pleasure.

Ecopia EP20 is created with 3D connecting ribs technology to offer better grip and improved dry and wet condition handling with exceptional cornering capability. Furthermore, its high-angle lug-grooves reduce the chances of aquaplaning by dispersing water effectively. We, at TreadMark Wheels & Tyres, recommend you to purchase this world-class tyre from us at rates that are tough to beat.

Why buy from us?

TreadMark Wheels & Tyres Nottingham sells 100% genuine Bridgestone tyres at affordable prices. We also sell Bridgestone tyres online through our official store.



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