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A car enthusiast knows that size of tyres greatly influence the way a vehicle handles on roads. The cross-section width and the aspect ratio of a tyre can alter your overall driving experience. If you do not know what these tyre sizes mean and how they affect your car’s performance, here is a guide for you.

Factors of car tyre sizes

We, at TreadMark Wheels & Tyres, provide a complete range of models across all car tyre sizes Nottingham to satisfy your requirements. Here are some of the size factors that affect tyres performance.

    • Width of the cross section

When you glance at any tyre, you will see a set number on its body. The first set of numbers refers to width dimensions of your tyre’s cross-section. This numeric value refers to the distance between the tyre’s inner and outer sidewalls.

    • Aspect ratio

The next set of numbers on a tyre refers to a percentage representation of aspect ratio. This value shows the height of the sidewall as a percentage against the cross section width of the tyre.

    • Type of construction

If you see a tyre marked with an ‘R’ on its body, it means that the said tyre has radial construction. Radial is the most common tyre construction in all new cars.

    • Rim

This is an essential factor to determine tyre size. Rim dimensions refer to the diameter of the rim, measured in inches.

    • Load Index

Load index refers to maximum weight that the tyre can carry. You need to pick a specific tyre size based on the specifications of your car. Otherwise, tyres may fail during drives.

Why is car tyre size important?

A car’s tyre will affect not only the performance of the vehicle but will also greatly influence its handling. If you know how to read a tyre’s rating, you can make an informed choice while making a purchase. Additionally, the tyre sizes Nottingham also determine whether your vehicle is ready for all seasons and weather conditions.

If you are unsure about the tyre size that your vehicle needs, visit us and learn all about tyre sizes Nottingham. We specialize in making tyres for every kind of car, ensuring excellent quality and performance.