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Are you looking for Exhaust Repair Nottingham for your vehicle?

Probably one of your car's most essential components, its exhaust system detoxifies the smoke generated by the engine and helps curb the pollution to a minimum possible level. Unfortunately, like most other components of your vehicle, it also requires proper maintenance and repairs from time to time, and that s where we, TreadMark Wheels Tyres come in.

We are one of the biggest car service Nottingham, catering to a vast clientele hailing from Nottingham, Derby, Newark, Loughborough, Mansfield, and her surrounding areas. Being one of the best Exhaust Repair Nottingham, we can assure you of the class-leading quality the expert technicians of our garage has to offer.

Issues with your car's exhaust

Several issues can happen with your car s exhaust; fortunately, there are some obvious indications that you will be able to notice right away. Here are some of them.

    • Noise ; Probably one of the most common issues car owners face with a malfunctioning exhaust is excessive noise. Any cracked, broken, or loose connector in the exhaust system will result in bypassing the muffler and creating a steady, deafening sound.

Whenever you notice such issues with your vehicle, bring it to our garage for an exhaust service Nottingham. We will mend the leakage and ensure the entire unit is fit for road-use.

    • Visible smoke ; Any leakage or break in the exhaust system will also result in leaking exhaust fumes. Most of the time, it happens before the fumes pass through the catalytic converter, which means toxic exhaust venting straight out in the environment.

Your car will not pass its MOT test if it has visible smoke coming from its exhaust system. You will also violate the exhaust emission quality imposed by the British Government, which can attract hefty fines.

It is recommended to bring your vehicle to TreadMark Wheels Tyres at least once every year for a complete inspection and Exhaust Repair Nottingham. We will ensure you stay within the recommended limit imposed by the government and contribute the absolute minimum to environmental pollution. Our team of expert technicians will provide a quick and complete service in the least amount of time.

Feel free to visit us anytime; you can also schedule an appointment ahead of your visit by calling us on our contact numbers.