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Are you looking for Brake Repair Nottingham for your vehicle?


When was the last time you had your car brakes inspected? If you, like most people, overlook proper brake safety measures for your car, you may be at danger. Brakes work in a specific manner, which includes several steps. A fault in any one of these steps can lead to complete brake failures and accidents.

Here is a brief idea of how brakes work in your cars.

Car brakes functionality

The following X steps will give you an idea of how your brakes work when you engage it.

  • Step 1: You apply pressure on the brake pedal.
  • Step 2: The pressure on brake pedals causes the release of brake fluids on the calipers near brake pads.
  • Step 3: The calipers engage the brake pads
  • Step 4: The brake pads apply force on rotors, exerting enough friction to stop your car.

Any problem in one of these steps can result in critical accidents and injuries. Visit TreadMark Wheels & Tyres for the best Brake Repair Nottingham and support for your car’s .

What is a brake inspection?

We perform thorough and methodical checks on all the systems supporting brakes in your car. These periodic tests help determine whether your car’s brakes have developed any underlying issues. Here are all the parts that our expert staff will check during your inspection of brake and brake repair Nottingham.

  • Calipers
  • Rotors
  • Wheel cylinders
  • Hoses
  • Fluid condition
  • Master cylinder and exchange of fluids
  • Grease seals and wheel bearings
  • Brake pads
  • Cables for parking brake
  • Adjusters and springs

How often do you need to conduct brake inspections?

Brake inspections are essential to detect any underlying issues with your car’s brakes. If you care about your safety and the well-being of others, it is best to have your car’s brakes Nottingham inspected at least once every year. Additionally, if you are experiencing issues with them, make sure you visit us immediately.

The efficient and well-trained staff at TreadMark Wheels & Tyres will ensure a quick and thorough inspection of your car’s brakes. When it comes to the brakes, you are always better off being safe rather than sorry.