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4x4 Tyres Nottingham for your vehicle


SUVs have emerged as the most sold variants of cars in the UK for three years in a row now. The increasing popularity of SUVs is not surprising given the plethora of benefits they entail in terms of power, performance, space and ride comfort.

With the rising number of SUVs on the British streets, the demand for their tyres has also gone up proportionately. To meet this ever-rising demand, TreadMark Wheels & Tyres has stocked its inventory with a comprehensive collection of 4x4 tyres Nottingham.

How 4x4 tyres are different?

Like the vehicles themselves, SUV tyres are substantially different from standard passenger car tyres Nottingham in more ways than one.

  • Rubber compound: 4x4 tyres are made from a relatively harder compound of rubber primarily because of two reasons. It’s necessary to support the extra weight of the vehicle, and it’s also useful to tackle off-road conditions.
  • Construction: 4x4 tyres are generally larger in size, and also broader. It gives them additional road grip as well as cornering capabilities.
  • Tread pattern: The tread design pattern of any tyre mostly depends on its purpose. As SUVs are occasionally used for off-roading, they sport a knottier tread pattern.

These are among the most significant features that make SUV car tyres different from other variants. We always advise our clients to fit nothing but 4x4 tyres on their SUVs.

Best 4x4 tyres

As the most prominent car service centre in this region, we understand the value of a proper set of tyres on your SUV. That is the reason why our in-house experts scour the market to source the best tyres available.

Here are a few models that you may consider.

  • Dunlop Signature CS
  • Bridgestone Ecopia 422 Plus
  • Michelin CrossClimate SUV
  • Continental 4x4 Contact

You may find these tyres among numerous others at TreadMark Wheels & Tyres. Visit us today to book your next set of SUV tyres Nottingham.