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Are you looking for Car Service Nottingham for your vehicle?


One of the primary responsibilities of any car owner is to have their vehicle serviced at the recommended intervals. There are many advantages attached to regular car service Nottingham and even more disadvantages if you don’t do it.

So, bring your car to TreadMark Wheels & Tyres for your periodic car service routine. We are a professional auto garage with years of experience in performing car service on all types of vehicles.

Car service explained

Like all other machines, automobiles too need tending to at specific intervals. There are numerous elements of a car which require professional attention once or twice a year. It is, therefore, crucial to take your car for servicing as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

There are two types of car repair services that you may avail at TreadMark Wheels & Tyres, namely interim and full services, to be performed at a 6 month’s interval from each other. Given below is a brief overview of what both these services entail.

    • Interim service

Interim or basic repair service entails the bare minimum inspections that a car must undergo. It includes:

  • Windshield and wipers check
  • Bodywork inspection

In all, there are around 35 checks performed during an interim service. You may ask our experts for the entire list.

    • Full service

A full service must be performed 6 months after the interim service. Apart from the ones already covered in an interim service, a full service entails an additional 35 odd checks. These include:

  • Brake and clutch performance test
  • Engine diagnostics

Full car service is the most exhaustive inspection of a car. You should not skip it under any circumstance.

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