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If you are a resident of Newthorpe, a hamlet in the Broxtowe Borough region ward of Greasley, you probably know about the lack of reliable garages in your vicinity. Well, you needn’t worry anymore as TreadMark Wheels & Tyres now offers its services to the residents of this hamlet.

Other than premium ones, you can opt for mid-range and affordable tyres Newthorpe as well. These cheap tyres Newthorpe go through rigorous testing to ensure your vehicle with top performance, handling and safety.

Besides, you can also opt for our services of mobile tyre fitting Newthorpe at your preferred location.

Other than being recognised tyre dealers, we provide car maintenance services at our garage as well.

Wheel alignment Newthorpe

When you drive over speed bumps or potholes, the wheel alignment of your vehicle can get affected.

      Improper wheel alignment causes the vehicle to swerve to the sides, reduces steering responsiveness and increases fuel consumption.

We are known for offering state-of-the-art wheel alignment at our garage. Our technicians are trained and can accurately adjust the camber, caster and toe wheel angles.

What are the signs of improper wheel alignment?

    • The steering wheel doesn’t remain centred and keeps drifting to the side.
    • Odd vibrations in the steering wheel.
    • The vehicle keeps swerving to a side.
    • Squealing noises from the wheels when cornering.
    • Uneven tread wear.
    • A loose steering wheel.

Therefore, to avoid these issues with your vehicle, opt for a proper wheel alignment check today!

We are also known for our alloy wheel refurbishment Newthorpe. We use three different methods to refurbish wheels based on the extent of the damage. These include diamond-cutting, cosmetic repair and powder coating.

Wheel refurbishment is a more cost-effective alternative to replacing rims with new ones.

Therefore, choose TreadMark Wheels & Tyres as your ultimate wheel refurbishment solution.

If you are keen on improving the appearance of your vehicle’s wheels, why not customise your car entirely? Give it a whole new look by opting for our car wrapping Newthorpe.

Our technicians use custom vinyl wraps to enhance your car’s appearance. It is a more cost-effective alternative than re-spraying your vehicle altogether.

Call us for more details and quotes.

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